Vanity Social Network

Looking for $1,000,000 investment to expand our Social Networking platoform to capitalize on the boom and steady growth of the Entertainment and Media industries

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A free to use platform with a premium subscription based model to maximize users; B2B and B2C analytics based service, and targeted advertising. There is an untapped market in both the Entertainment and Media industry that is ripe for harvest; allow me a few minutes to explain, and you will see the future. Currently market testing a beta version of our product, and are collecting user feedback. We have a 5 year plan with a runway strategy to get started, as well as bottoms up analysis of the total serviceable market modeled to account for global presence. (Model is tailored to our target age range, and includes various other variables as to gain the most accurate  estimate) We are looking for an investment from 1-3 Million to hit the ground running. Contact me for more details.

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