Aviles Investments L.L.C.

Raising capital for investment growth and cash flow. No assets under management fees!

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My name is Andres (AJ) Aviles.  I am an active duty Navy submariner with almost 20 years of military experience.  I have been an active trader for many years and recently opened my own investment firm, Aviles Investments LLC.  I am looking for starting capital to begin the fund's growth.  

Aviles Investments LLC's goals are to accelerate capital growth and provide for cash flow by the use of the lucrative derivatives market, a strategy employed by such wealthy investors as Warren Buffett.  Using derivatives such as stock and futures options allows the fund to profit under any market condition, whether stocks are rising, falling or stagnant.  They also provide for steady cash flow opportunities typically missed by stock investors, and not generally provided by other funds.  

The firm's greatest strength is in our managing of risk.  With nearly 20 years of experience operating in nuclear submarines in dangerous and complex environments,  Managing risk is, I believe, the single most important aspect of fund growth.  I have fundamental risk management strategies that are proven to work in providing capital growth and cash flow.  

One offer that sets Aviles Investments LLC apart from other funds (e.g. mutual funds, hedge funds) is that my firm does NOT charge assets under management fees.  The industry standard is 2% annually for however much an investor places in the fund.  Hence, the fund is paid from the investor whether the fund in question is successful or not.  I believe in incentivizing my firm's own performance by only charging the industry standard 20% on profits.  In essence, my firm only gets paid if you get paid.  

I look forward to developing business relationships with all of my clients.  Please do not hesitate to contact me at 858-740-6638 or [email protected]

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