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We are a One Stop  Shop for Cabinets and Countertops and ever since we started in 2016  ,the  way home improvement business was conducted in Jacksonville was totally transformed through our revolutionary     and unique Marketing and Sales Strategy.

We carry over 100 colors in Granite,Quartz,Marble and Quartzite and carry several colors and profile in Cabinets We Provide Materials, Fabrication and Installation of Cabinets and Countertops

Our unique marketing strategy targets customers who are in immediate need of cabinets and countertops We provide package pricing which is unique in the home improvement industry and caters to all budgets Our highly skilled sales people are able to understand all our customers need and able to offer them tailored solution

We  have our Showroom, Granite/Quartz slabs   and Fabrication Facility under one roof which     eliminates the middle man and results in one stop shop experience for the customer We stock materials that come from all over the world and our management team goes every length to get all the popular and exciting colors straight to our warehouse and customers fall into     love immediately We have over 40 plus  years of combined experience in Fabrication and Installation which results in great customer experience and creates repeat opportunities

We have installed over 4000 Kitchens and counting since 2016 and that is a unique record in the home improvement industry Our  experienced Customer service personnel  adeptly  handles all our customer queries to their satisfaction Our effective sales and marketing strategy  results in 3 plus million $$$ in gross revenue consistently every year

What we need?

 We need to consolidate our debt that results in eliminating high interest loans Get more Capital influx to modernize our machinery,move from a leased facility and employ more sales personnel to increase sales from 3 million to 5 million $ per year in single location Open satellite locations in  Florida to diversify our brand and create 1 Million $ plus sales opportunity  for each location Looking for long term Funding partner who can grow with us in this 20 plus billion $ home improvement business 

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