Atlis Motor Vehicles Inc

Raising $50M to get our solutions to production to meet the 38,000 reservations.

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Our vision is to build the technology ecosystem that powers our lives. With proprietary battery and charging technologies, we're a vertically integrated company that is making an impact in the energy, chassis up-fitter, and heavy duty truck markets. We've developed battery and charging technologies to charge 150 kWh -250kWh battery packs in under 15 minutes. We're partnered with several companies as well as Clemson University to continue to develop and produce our solutions for each market segment.  We currently have 38,000 reservations on our XT pickup truck which will replace the heavy duty work trucks for the future. 500 miles of range and 35,000 lbs of towing capacity. No other EV truck will be able to compete. And at the foundation of the truck is the battery technology that is proprietary to Atlis.

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