Assisted Senior Care Facility & MRI Centre

Raising capital for an Assisted lSenior Care Complex & MRI Diagnostic Centre

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Raising capital for an Assisted Senior Care Complex & MRI Diagnostic Centre on 78 Acres in the Greater Sudbury area
Hello, we are looking for key people/organizations to assist with our project.  We are seeking 250 million USD for the full construction of the complex.  If this is something you can assist me with. I am happy to send over the full business plan.  Looking forward to hearing from you.
Key Highlights of Beauchamp Estate & Resorts
➢ 100% Green – First of its kind in North America
➢ Entire complex equipped with hard of hearing and technology for the blind.
➢100 seated Hi/def Theater and auditorium with looping/surround sound for the hard of hearing.
➢ Full doctor professional wing / medical wing
➢ Full MRI/Ultrasound/CAT SCAN and X-ray unit
➢ In-house discount pharmacy – with free delivery for all over the age of 60 in the area
➢ In-house lab and ECG lab
➢ Rooftop Greenhouse and garden
➢ Full indoor walking track and gym.
➢ Olympic size pool with sections and adjustable floors.
➢ Full Physio center and wellness center.
➢ 5-star food service
➢ Dietitian on staff for all residents.
➢ In-house home care available
➢ 24-hour RN / LPN and PSWs on staff
➢ 24-hour security/video surveillance
➢ All residents will have a key fob on their wrists. “Easy and fast access to their home”
➢ Full 24/7 security and gated complex with gatehouse.

At Beauchamp Estate and Resorts, the primary concern is clean and efficient energy and self-sustainable energy.
Keeping the environment and area as a key factor not to disturb and disrupt any ecological areas on the property we are building on.
The project is designed to become self-sustained for power and energy by new technology presented to us by our architectural firm – JL Richards.

In Conclusion;
➢ IRR after 15 years will be 14%-15%
➢ The EBITDA is projected to be 1.99 at year 15.
➢ The Exit plan is well planned for the resale, all rooms are designed to be converted into (LTC) Long Term Care rooms overnight 
➢ Our net cash flow after 10 years is estimated to be 27+ million.
➢ Our professional Associations and Affiliations will confirm and ensure the success of this project

Thank you
Jag Sumra
[email protected]

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