ARTELLA Solutions, Inc.

A digital healthcare company focused on remote patient cardiac diagnostics is seeking $300K in seed funds to achieve solid ROI by 2022

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ARTELLA Solutions is a digital healthcare company focused on remote patient diagnostics - specifically for cardiac monitoring. We are currently focused on electrocardiograms (also known as ECGs) which are the gold standard in detecting heart rhythm disorders such as arrhythmias.  If a doctor suspects a heart rhythm disorder, he/she will prescribe an ECG monitor for a thorough assessment.

If you or someone you know has worn an electrocardiogram (ECG) monitor, it probably had multiple wires and electrodes placed around the torso. Sometimes it is days or even weeks before the results are delivered. ARTELLA has developed a better solution for ECG monitoring. A solution focused on overall satisfaction for patients, staff and physicians. 
The ARTELLA ECG system records and displays a patient’s ECG results in real time utilizing a wireless biosensor patch the size of a band aid. This makes life very convenient for the patient who can maintain their normal daily activities like working, exercising and bathing.  
The ARTELLA ECG system is comparable to (or better than) the 3 big conglomerates in the remote cardiac monitoring market: iRhythm, Biotel and Preventice.  These companies collectively generate over $1B per year.  Biotel, Preventice and BardyDx (all wireless patch companies) were recently involved in acquisitions >11 x annual sales and their systems are not up to the level of the new ARTELLA system. BardyDx is not even in real time. 

We look forward to sending you more detailed information about ARTELLA Solutions, Inc. 

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