Senior Gay Male Seeking To Develop A Farm Model Diversifying Energy Production With More Conventional Farm Production

Raising $850,000 to $900,000 for a model small farm operation combining electric power production with other conventional farm production

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Senior Gay Male starting a diversified small farm business including solar/wind division, lavender for essential oil, flowers for Wholesale Market, and greenhouse winter vegetables. Seeking $850,000-$900,000 for investment includes purchasing and upgrading property in Virginia, USA .  Seeking to work with the state electric company to develop ten acre of solar panels and wind turbines.  Developing 5 acers of lavender and 5 acers of flowers for the Wholesale Flower Market.  Building a commercial green house to grow citrus fruit and winter vegetables.  Also some upgrade to the existing house and out buildings.   

Setting up a model for other small farm operations, making them profitable and keep those who wish to stay on  the land in place.  By adding energy production and greenhouse operations to field crops income production can be increased.   Working with local energy coop and their solar/wind incentives to build the equipment to produce energy and sell it back to their grid makes this element of the operations affordable.  Using some of this energy to supply heating to the greenhouse operations make it much more profitable as well. 

While developing the model establish a website discussing daily progress and tips existing small farm operations can use to increase their productivity and income.  Promoting equipment and programs that are successful with pass through ads on the site.

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