Arc Guardian Association LLC

Need only 25k to help launch our security portion of our company to protect our schools and other endeavors.

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CEO Matthew Walz

Launching our Security Project, where we will provide top of the line security for schools as it’s clearly much needed, seeing current events. AGA Security will go beyond that as well to provide professional security for other businesses and companies along the way. 

Only Military, Prior Service, or other Professional Armed Service backgrounds will be and have been hired. The money we are asking for is for the gear necessary to protect our Soldiers/Warriors from harm in the case of a threat. The profits for any investors will be quick. All that’s left is the purchase of better equipment. 

For long term investors who plan to stick with us, we have several big and small projects to help sustain and protect our community. Simply ask and I’ll personally talk to you about them. 

Don’t be shy! Message us to make a profit and make a difference!

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