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Raising $1,000,000 to fund the marketing drive for a industry disrupter Aquastaser

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Water purification system that eliminates chemicals in pools. My patented tested device will transform your pool or spa into consistently clean pure water without the use of harmful chemicals including chlorine. This is a NEW highly innovative way to clean your pool.
A simple device that uses complicated science to clean your pool. Aquastaser creates hydrodynamic cavitation within our patented venturi design. A work horse of a device that fits in your two hands.
Water passes through the Aquastaser and is returned to the pool as simple, pure, clean water free of bacteria, e-coli, crypto, algae, fecal matter, urine, and other impurities. Cavitation bubbles create a suctioning effect when they collapse. This causes a shockwave or strong disturbance in fluids that produces shearing forces -- forces pushing in opposite directions. Cavitation breaks emulsions and separates out what is referred to as the “really, really nasty” parts of the water. An emulsion is a mixture of two liquids in which one is distributed throughout the other.
Cavitation has already been used in water treatment plants in the way.  I have sold and or installed over 300 units today! 


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