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A streaming service investment opportunity with Applause Network TV, Inc.

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Founded by CEO Regina D. Braggs and incorporated in New York as a C corporation in 2010, Applause Network TV, Inc. is an African American women-owned streaming network that distributes original films, reality shows, concerts, sporting events, plays, and live shows created by passionate talented artist unknown in the entertainment and/or sports industry.   Unlike large streaming competitors, we have a team of creative geniuses who have the ability to consistently create original content in-house that is exclusive to ANTV.

Our target market consists of The Millennial and “Hip Hop” generations’ technology users between 18 through 50 years of age.  They are technology dependents and with the onset of
COVID-19 social distancing, streaming services offering entertainment have become the norm as theaters have reported record losses.

We are raising a minimum of $10 million dollars from accredited investors through a Reg D 506(c) and are also open to other forms of equity fundraising investment opportunities.

USE OF FUNDS                 
 Funds will be used to create original programming, implement a high-impact high-volume social media marketing campaign, create an in-house editing suite to protect original intellectual content;  create original programming that consists of new skits, game shows, reality shows, live shows, pay-per-view films, and downloadable video games; Create an ANTV app; and continue to upgrade the website. 

On-demand/Pay-per-view content, live shows, spot ads, leasing our original content, and downloadable games.

Regina D. Braggs, Founder & CEO, has an MBA and approximately 15 years of experience in starting up and expanding businesses & 23 years experience in screenplay writing, directing & producing, and executive produced the content currently available on ANTV's website.  

Kareem (Plug) Chapman, Director of Acquisitions, has a BS in law with 10 years experience as a comedian who has worked with Kevin Hart, Bobcat Goldthwaite, and Monique.  Kareem is a screenplay writer, director, and producer with an eye for talent. 

Nick Wallace, Director of Technology, has over 15 years of experience in internet video and live show encoding formants.  He is well adept in the front and backend development of websites and will develop interactive games for ANTV.
Susann L. Braggs, Secretary/Vice President, has a master's degree in urban studies, Susann contributes her professional experience as a subject matter expert researching and ensuring our content meets our audience's entertainment interest while tackling socially conscious subjects for the past 5 years.  
Cynthia Rae Hills, Treasurer/Vice Chairman, has a master’s degree in economics and 2nd master’s degree in mathematics and has served in the capacity of Line Producer overseeing line-item budgets, payroll, and invoicing for ANTV’s productions for the past 5 years. 

The website is located at   Applause Network TV, Inc. also has a Roku Channel at  Our Facebook page is

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