APIteq Fieldscan 3D Printing of Spare Parts

Raising $500k for a new 3D Photo Scanning project

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APIteq has developed a new 3-dimensional scanning system for printing of spare parts. We are looking for a $500k total equity investment to support product completion and commercialization.

Fieldscan  Project- A new technology project has started in cooperation with Fieldmade, a world leader in the development of Mobile Additive Manufacturing Technology (AM).  The Fieldmade AM unit enables spare parts to be produced in the field by advanced 3D printing technologies.  The quality of the produced part relies heavily on the quality and precision of the initial 3D scan. APIteq is developing a dedicated the 3D photo scanning solution, the Fieldscan, based on our unique competency in 3D photo-based scanning.
The Fieldscan will be the world´s first dedicated automatic, photo-based 3D Spare Parts Scanner for scanning parts up to 40x40x40 cm in size. The Fieldscan generates a high-resolution 3D Point Cloud Model with 1/10mm accuracy with photographic representation for remote inspection and manufacturing of spare parts through advanced 3D printing. The business model includes both scanning of spare parts for manufacturing and for virtual inventory, dramatically reducing cost and carbon footprint of physical inventories. Market research shows large opportunities for oil & gas, industry, military, marine, offshore wind, and other renewables. Funding Requirements $498k

Please contact Tony Smith at [email protected] or 281-382-8240 for further information.

The APIteq website can be found at: https://www.apiteq.com/

Potential Markets:
Renewable Energy Market
• Offshore Wind Farms
• Hydroelectric Power Plants

Maritime Industries
• Ships and shipping companies
• Shipyards

Oil & Gas Industry
• Oil Companies and Drilling Rig owners, supply bases
• Refineries, Petrochemical, and Processing Plants

General land-based industries with complex or remote locations

• Army and Navy military forces and supply bases

• Need for automated, precise 3D model generation for utilizing emerging   
        Additive Manufacturing technology.
• Reduce downtime of critical equipment by enabling instant production 
        of spare parts for temporary or permanent use.
• Faster availability of spare parts in the field.
• Enabling production of spare parts at remote locations.
• Reduce the need for physical inventories.
• Generate cost-efficient virtual inventories.
• Reduce cost by reducing physical inventories.
• Reduce efficiency loss associated with downtime.
• Reduce carbon footprint from smaller physical inventories.
• Synergies with ongoing Industry Digitalization efforts.


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