Andair Aviation (On Demand Air Logistics)

Raising $350K for full operational on-demand aviation logistics company.

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Hello, and Good Day Investors, 

I am aspiring to acquire an Air Charter Logistics operation specializing in B2B and B2C air operations in the lower 48 United States, Canada, Caribbean and Mexico. This operation utilizes safe, economical, updated, speedy 4-6 seat passenger aircraft to transport clients and critical small scale parcels to customers. This will be a new business operation to be established in the Central Indiana area. This product is an FAA certificated on demand air transportation service which will be able service clients from the east coast to as far as the Rocky Mountains (potentially the west coast with logistical planning). Our customers are charter brokers, private individual clients, governments, small businesses, to medium-sized corporations who require their freight or passengers to be transported in an expeditious manner from smaller US airports to medium and (larger airports if necessary) in the lower 48 United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. The product uses a successful popular twin engine piston aircraft (same make and model pictured below). This model is a successful model which offers great safety + lower cost + lower overhead which = a larger client base to attract. I am a Commercially rated Instructor pilot, plus looking to start my small business in the local area. I (CEO & Director of Operations Jason C. Cooper) have a unique operational expertise in aviation and have formulated a team of like-minded individuals of taking this dream of being a small business owner / operatorship to the next higher successful level of flight. This model also has a great potential for growth of additional larger, faster aircraft (Turboprops and Jet Aircraft). I have a full business plan and expenses profit margin report available to discuss. Thank you once again for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you. 


The world of commercial (airline) flying is a modern-day nightmare of security questions, questionable passenger behavior, lost baggage, cramped leg space and unwanted delays. Which is why more and more individuals are choosing to step away from the complicated and frankly dissatisfying process of flying on commercial airlines and instead are choosing to fly with private aircraft services. The boom of private aviation has meant that there is now a greater range of private aircraft available than ever before as well as the infrastructure to support them. With the boom of private aviation still firmly in motion many individuals are finding a personalized way to fly faster and better than ever before by flying privately. The growing number of private aircraft (Jets, turboprops and pistons), as well as its opening availability, has made it a more attractive option for those that want to travel without the complications associated with commercial airline travel.

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