Raising $500k - Rent an Apartment and Pay in Installment - Fintech Platform

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Anant Financial Corp. is developing a product named RentPae and is expecting to launch in Q1 2022.

RentPae serves the deposit and rental payment needs of tenants by giving upfront rent to their landlords and providing a credit facility to pay in installments during the month with a two-week grace period if they miss payments or face hardship.

No Late Fee, No Overdraft Fee, and No hidden charges. 
We directly work with tenants to avail our product and partner with landlords to improve their cash flows.
Our deposit product helps shred the burden of a huge upfront rental deposit and replaces it with an option of a partial deposit, and the remaining amount will be spread out over the next few months.
With the help of our product, you can reduce dependency on credit cards, micro or payday loans as you have enough cash during the month to meet your short-term needs. 

We have unique algorithms and a proprietary model for approvals.
We will develop a data-driven AI model for credit underwriting and portfolio management based on their financial behavior, which gives an edge for future competition.
We grow, we evolve, and we adapt.
The Overall residential rental market is a $174.2B market with a transaction volume of $485B. 
Based on 2800 sample population survey responses and assuming data accuracy of 70%, the Overall addressable market - $10.3B (approx.)
A robust Regulatory and Compliance framework is necessary for this market as no similar product is available; therefore, we are structuring the product with the help of a nationally recognized law firm that brings expertise in the fintech environment.
We are looking for $591k in total pre-seed money ($110k already raised),
These pre-seed funds will allow us to offer the product up to 300 customers in two different states, begin to acquire licenses in multiple states,s and hire a full-time, offshore tech team.   

Contact Me: Abhinav Jain
[email protected]

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