Amy Campbell, AmelilyahPro, LLC.

Need investor to fund manufacturing and development of fashion invention products

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I am seeking to secure funding to license and manufacture a new invention which is being patent.  It is a fashion attachment which is removable and cna be used on various garments including tops, dresses, sports wear, active wear, jackets, and pants for achieve a completely nee or added appearance.   This attachment is added to the hems and cuffs.  It can be use by a fashion brand  to accompany the outfit being purchased as an added accessory and increases the probability of sell of the garment due to this additional feature or these accessories can be packaged and sold separately so that customers can sue on several garments in their closet.  This product can be manufactured with choice of fabrics and to meet the current and future fashion trends; never becoming an obsolete item.  Once the initial preparations are done, this item can be produced for less than $6.00 each.  This low cost is a manufacturer's dream because the distribution cost of this item remains low . The brand suppliers has a much stronger marketability to customers and the customer save money on competitive brands with having accessibility to using this product. 
Need to get a loan using land as collateral.

Market Size
In 2021 the average Fashion Accessory revenue was 1.7 million per location.
Within this vast global market, the United States had the largest apparel market of any country in 2022 at 1.53 trillion in revenue/sales.

The fashion accessory market in 2022 estimated close to was around 6.4 billion in product sales
■Market Growth
The Smart Cuffs and Collars is considered a fashion accessory since it is an attachment/removable item. 

►The Global Apparel revenue in the USA alone is estimated to be 1.79 to
 1.84 trillion between 2024 and 2025

The fashion accessory market is estimated to have more than 300 billion in 

revenue by 2026.

Non provisional Patent Filing No# 17231535; Utility under 35 USC111(a)
Filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office; U.S. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE

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