Consolidation of CPA Firms

Seeking $750k - $1M to expand innovative CPA firm focused on acquiring outdated established firms and modernizing them through technology, AI, and remote operations.

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Our focus is on acquiring well-established CPA firms that have been slow to adopt technology and still rely on paper-based processes. These firms have valuable client bases, generate monthly recurring revenues, and have a strong track record of over 20 years in business.

In less than a year, I have successfully acquired and transformed two firms located in Tampa, FL, and Atlanta, GA. By leveraging international resources, we have streamlined operations and significantly reduced our operating expenses. These changes have not only optimized the acquired firms but also increased their valuation multiple.

Given our success so far, I am now seeking a partnership with a VC group to fund additional acquisitions over the next 12-36 months. I believe there are more opportunities to capitalize on the untapped potential of these firms and continue their transformation into fully virtual service-based companies.

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