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Patent pending for Sunburn Pain relief formula

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  I need an investor to help me out with my Patent Ideas for Sunburn pain relief formula,      My name is Robert Heizelman 619 628-6541 or text me, my website is located at
  It explains things a little better, about how I came upon this idea, my Patent ideas are going to be just as big as Bitcoin or Amazon or PayPal or Google, we're at there beginning stages. 
   The estimated market share for sunscreen products by 2024 is 24.9 billion dollars per year, and my patent idea, is in a category all by itself???
    If you want to be one of the lucky ones, like the people who believed in the companies, I just told you about, all you have to do is get in Touch with me???
    All of the ingredients are FDA approved, already just not combined in my formula Idea. 
   I have filed for a provisional patent application, but in the next few days I will file for a utility Patent, and then will have 18 months in order to file for a PCT application, with this my idea's will be protected in over 153 countries including China, for 20 years,if my product only makes 5 billion a year, which is a very low estimate, because I intend to eventually expand my product line, branch off gradually, and include my own brand for Sunscreen well???then the sky's the limit...
    I am looking for someone who will invest with me, and for a certain amount, get a 30 percent share of my future company, which will be called American Eagle products..
    Which I know is a very good name, for a very unique product, in the near future this idea will help billions of people in the world daily. Thanks for your consideration in these matters sincerely Robert Heizelman 

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