Ambrosia Inn

Unique 3 Ac.Resort in Hazel Green, Wi. 53811/ Seeking 1st.Trust Deed / Recent Apprasial

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Looking for an Investor for a Unique C-1a. Zoned Resort in Hazel Green Wi. The property has a Recent  Appraisal with a Current Market Value of $ 630,000 without the additional improvements now being completed. We are requesting $230.000 for a  First Trust Deed  30-year amortization, due in  5 years. All liens will be paid off thru escrow, and the balance will be used for further renovation & improvements of the property which is now being completed.   Upon completion of all renovations, an updated appraisal will be done which should further increase the value.  This is an excellent secured investment for an investor.  Direct all inquiries to Michael Cohen (888) 434-0090.   

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