A.M.A. Ink, Inc

Raising $120k for 20% equity in the company to fund company growth.

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We are a wholesale screen printing, custom apparel company. We produce custom apparel and promotional products for group events, merch, camps, etc. 
 -To start off, I've been in this industry for around 10 years. I have done every job from the lowest job in production all the way into sales. In 2017 I went into sales for a screen-printing company and helped them build their company from the ground up. We went from $0 to the company generating $3.5M/yr in 3.5 yrs, with all investors bought out by that point. The company is now generating over $20M/yr 4 years later. I was able to learn all the dos and don'ts while working there so that I can use the same business model and I don't have to make all the same costly mistakes again. 
 -I left that company after 3.5 yrs to go help another company, same industry, to help them to get over the $2M mark, which I succeeded in doing. My friend was running that company. He allowed me to start opening my own company while working there and then I transitioned out. That leads me to where I am now. 
 -Our company opened in September of 2022. Our first full fiscal year, 2023 we grossed $450k with a net profit of $33K. 
 -The issue we're running into, is our startup debt, which is on credit cards, is killing our credit score, (low 600s) and is eating into our working capital. Now that we have our numbers from 2023, we were able to run reports to calculate all cost in the business, where our profit margins need to be, etc. We have increased profit margins, found ways to make more profit on top of that without hurting the client, or losing business, which we have found to work, and all repeat customers have not mentioned any concerns by the increase in prices.
 -The other issue is that our heavier revenue months are March-July & December. To break even we need to have gross sales of $33k with an average profit margin of 43%. With us not financially prepared for the slower months it has caused us to struggle staying afloat those months and it has made it harder for us to get back on track the new year while trying to make up for the debt we accrued, on credit cards and with vendors. This is an easy fix and avoidable in the future, but we need help to get back on track.
 -To further excite you, I have a list of potential buyers who all fall into the category of our main customer market, who have at one time requested a quote for t-shirts that did not turn into a sale. The value of quotes lost to the companies they requested quotes from is worth over $11M in business. We have now begun to market to these potential buyers. 
 -Off the top of the investment money we receive we would knock out all debt, $50k-$60k and then use the remainder of the funds as working capital as we grow the business. I have no doubt that we can grow. I have worked in sales, in this industry, for the companies that do all the merch and products for Disney, Universal Studios, Six Flags, Wal-Mart, Target, etc. etc.
 -We just landed a new contract printer who is friends of mine that have worked for Nike, and the company that prints all the merch for Taylor Swift, Pit Bull, Ariana Grande, Beyonce, Justin Bieber, and more. The guy who was running production for that company and the printers and salespeople from those companies have just opened their own contract printing company with over 10k square feet of production space and their prices that they have given me will raise our profit margins by 5%-8% on top of the 43% margins we have now without changing the customer's price. 
 -Most of our business is repeat business, buying product for the same events each year. Our customer service is top priority, along with a great product to follow. We believe that if we Love, Serve and Care, in all that we do, our customers will know and feel that and it's at that point when we know that we have truly succeeded. Our biggest marketing is word of mouth. We gain more new business from the word of our customers. As we gain new business, 90% of the time that will be an order that we'll get each year after. It also opens the doors for other events within the year that organization hosts. 
 -Our focus is on faith based organizations, churches, camps, conferences, etc., etc.. But we know that there is so much more business out there we're not marketing to in the corporate world as far as company events and promotional products. We are eager to gain a larger customer base in that market, which will increase our sales during the slower months. 
 -If you're interested in becoming a part of the team, now is the time, while we're still young. If you are to become a part of our team and providing the funds and resources to help, take us to the next level, successfully, we will be sure to protect your investment. We look forward to building a lasting and successful relationship with our future partner, and we look forward to taking AMA Ink to heights we never thought possible. 
 Thank you. 

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