Mass-customization of beauty, nutrition and health at scale

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AlpStoriesTech’ IOT 4.0. is a turnkey end-to-end technology solution that provides mass-customization at scale to the beauty, nutrition and health industry. 
Brands are look at mass-customization to achieve their marketing goals as consumers are increasingly seeking products tailored to their individual needs. Yet, the industry is stuck in a complex supply chain with limited capabilities, hand-mixing of personalized products and high costs of inventory and warehousing.  
Today, AlpStoriesTech is the ONLY company in the world that has an autonomous robotic  on-demand production with the ability to instantly reconfigure to produce a different product as such zero minimum order quantities and zero waste.  The scientifically validated algorithm for instant formulation of 50 million variations creates one unique product in less than 2 minutes.  Thus completely eliminating cost of inventory, production labor and warehousing while enabling the industry to capitalize on personalized and organic market. 
All technology and first product line in skincare is built, live and market validated. 2 robotic production facilities in place. This includes:
  • Immediately profitable! $30M guaranteed revenue agreement (over 5-years) in place with major US brand. 
  • 2 production site live: High speed robotic on-demand production for personalized products, a “just in time” serial production with minimum order of ONE and ZERO waste. 
  • Instant formulation algorithm of 50 million formula variations with regulatory approval in the US and EU. 
  • Major patents granted for mass customization automation and personalization.
Addressing next-generation industrial automation, this a game changer in a market that is moving towards unique offerings, by also shortening the supply chain, eliminating cost of inventory and warehousing while preserving the planet. The patented end-to-end technology can be applied to different industry verticals. 
Now to deliver on contracts, to scale faster, to increaser overall capacity and to extend product offerings AlpStoriesTech is looking to raise $1M.

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