Alpine Fun Factory

Raising $500k to fund purchase of profitable established business with $20k-$60k monthly revenues

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I am seeking a $500k investment to aid in the purchase of a 122,000 sqft entertainment facility in the growing tourist destination of Helen, Ga. Revenue streams include an indoor public rental kart track, laser tag, skating rink, arcade, bounce houses, Haunted house attraction, and a 300 seat live theater with stage and bar.  Business purchase will include 8 acres of prime real estate and the 122,000 sqft building that houses everything. Revenues through the summer months average $60k per month. The rest of the year averages $20k per month. High margins, low risk, low operating expense. This business has been in operation in this location since 2000. I was employed there for 3 years in the late 2000’s. I have since gone on to found 2 other successful businesses. There is approximately 35,000 sqft of the building that isn’t currently being used to generate revenue, leaving room for immediate expansion and additional sales. 

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