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Alpha Institute will be located in the island and is created to help students to find all their school supplies in one place as well as having a place that students, parents or family members can also do their nails and or hair at our onsite salons. Alpha Institute company is a job creator and has many other facets to this business like building 90 homes for rent or own, homes from 1 to 5 bedrooms, a restaurant, an everything tourist and burger place among other stores for men, women and children.  Alpha Institute will cater to the needs of the islanders, job creation and many other essential items needs that they can find in three different location 30 minutes between location 1 and 3. Alpha Institute also would also like to build a sporting arena that looks more like an Olympics stadium for all schools in the island to have track meets or those that are training for the Olympics can come and train. Alpha Institute is a place for you. Invest in Alpha and the possibilities are endless. 

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