Allied Solar and Electric, LLC

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Allied Solar and Electric is a quickly growing Solar Contractor with 14 employees and 4 work vans servicing all of California.  The owner has been in the industry nearly 10 years and has experience in operations as well as scaling with some of the largest solar companies in the nation.  We have just recently onboarded a Director of Operations from another large solar company to assist in laying the foundation of our operations in order to scale.   Six of our solar Technicians have over 6 years of installation experience each and we have signed with a military recruiting company to expand our labor force using the skillbridge program for members of our armed forces transitioning to civilian life. 

Allied currently subcontracts Multifamily and Residential projects from larger solar companies and is working on expanding internal sales to accommodate clients needing post NEM 3.0 energy solutions.   Our current multifamily contracts are booked through the end of Q2 with plans to start booking into Q3 in the coming weeks.

Allied Solar and Electric has a C10 Electrical Contractors license in California and plans to expand licenses into Arizona and Nevada in Q4.

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