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Looking for $100,000 to start franchising

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Thank you for reviewing our business plan. We are a dog training company that originally opened in 1972 by our original owners. In 2011 my husband and I bought them out . At the time the market was lower we had no overhead and were doing fine. Then Covid hit and we were left with needing funds to survive. We were able to obtain that and have been really exceling in the market. We have multiple awards and our trainers are all over 20 years experience. 
Our team consists of my husband, Dave and I , and we have one contractor, our training supervisor Tommy. We work 5 major counties in the tampa bay area. We are looking to either franchise or open more locations. One location that we are looking at is Gatlinburg, TN. There are no one on one dog training companies in the area. The 2nd location would be Erie, PA. At that market they only have Petsmart, PetCo and a couple boarding places, nothing like us. 
We want to hire at least 2 new trainers and gain the access to grow even more !
We have a fantastic Business plan we would love to share !

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