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 All Abroad Teaching, LLC. It is a minority American Teacher-Recruitment business that send educators to work in other countries.  Once the educators return to the US, they will have a greater understanding about culture and what it means to be a Culturally Responsive teacher in the United States of America.
Our team is made up of a great group of people who are passionate about the future of education.  
Within the last few years, we saw many educators leave the field of teaching, some due to the COVID pandemic, stress, wanting to own their own businesses, and some because the education system has flaws that will take a great amount of time to fix. However, we do not want to leave the future of the world's children in limbo...All Abroad Teaching, LLC decided to be a part of the solution, by giving educators a fresh look at working in other opportunity to exercise their expertise in other countries, while embracing the culture and kindness of the world! Once our educators return to the United States, they will be able to continue on with  renewed strength in the US education system and broaden their skills from their travels abroad!
Our company shares an office space in Bethesda, Maryland. However, we want our own space to expand into other aspects of education. We need start-up funding and we need funding to get  assistance for an office in Dubai, which we are working hard to be our first country to send educators! We need assistance in office furniture (desks, chairs, etc.) and equipment,  (copiers, printers, scanners, fax machines, and phones) to be a successful teacher-educators business. We need your assistance in securing funding for item that will AAT in handling paperwork for educators looking to live and work in other countries...from standard office supplies (pens, pencils, whiteout, markers, whiteboards), and technology that will give us the ability to conference with foreign school systems. We will graciously accept your assistance and make it one of the most successful teacher/educator-recruitment businesses in the world!

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