Al2gether: A Social Media Club

What is human engagement and interaction could fuel community service and support?

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A Social Media platform, built around interests. A business model that brings user engagement to support charity and investment.

**First, I am an educator by trade, and while from New Orleans, I am currently working abroad in the Emirates.

Al2gether is progression of an idea of  safe space for all and putting peoples engagement to work for the world around them.  Building on the understanding of the potential of Social Media platforms to generate income from user engagement, Al2getehr seeks to be a platform for change, both in how we can view content and how that engagement can be used to create change. 

Upon Sign-up Users create a "Home" account. From this account users can post and view edited videos and other content. They can also see content (based on interests selected at sign up) from "Content" accounts (Fashion, Hip-Hop, News, etc).  

Users (over 18) have the option to open a worldwide account (They will be prompted to submit a photo, similar to bumble)- Accounts in worldwide have more post options and their post do not enter the Home view (Unless the user signs-up for content status). This creates to unique atmospheres, with Home being geared toward video editing and creation, while the Worldwide takes on more of a micro blog setup. The only things crossing both feeds will be content from "Content accounts"

Content accounts- Users who sign up for Worldwide can choose to apply for "Content" status. Currently this is a separate account in the app build, but we are shifting it to a status. With this status, users have greater post abilities in terms of video length, and eventually we hope to give them the ability to open private sessions or meetings. (To deal with  those who might use this for the spreading of adult content, we require users to mark their content before postings (The list of marking is the same as the user interest list). Content marked adult will be allowed to be posted but will only show in the timeline of those who are friends of the user and/or have the adult filter set to off. (Thinking of renaming that category). 

In the works- Am in development to use a Metamask resource to allow content users to receive crypto as a tip. The system would create a wallet for every user, that would only be activated if they create a worldwide account. Preliminary discussions with the developer make it seem feasible to create a secure wallet and transfer system , that would let the users give a diverse array of coins, and allow Al2gether to accommodate the transfers without having to sale or cash out any coins. Meaning the service would only profit the app as we take a small fee for transactions (still calculating).

My team has been mostly made of contractors via Upwork. My current dev team is working to get the apps through this round of Beta testing. I am looking for funding to build a team of 3-4 dedicated developers.
The immediate 3 month goal for that team would be.

Develop in app- video/photo editing- Currently have Deep AR assets, but need help with actual editing and music integration.
Ad -Network plan- Choosing a selection of mobile Ad-Networks that could allow the app to let Content users revenue share based on views of their published content
Wallet-Transfer system- I am working to have the general components of an internal crypto system built, but will need competent developers to install and make sure it is safe.

*I am very aware of my limitations when it comes to coding and general understanding of tech. Most of my knowledge has been gleaned from trying to have this built and watching multiple iterations come and go. But I have found my persistence rewarded as long as I focus on my goal of making this a change engine. That includes regularly donating a portion of monthly profit to a pool of funds to be distributed by user votes to varying causes we find. I want people to feel good about using this platform by showcasing what their simple user engagement can generate in terms of monies to do things in communities that need it most.  I have put thousands into this and have acknowledged I may have to put more, but it is the vision I see. One where we turn our simple pleasure of Social Media use into an engine to make Real-World impact.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Justin Levy

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