A.J's wings & Sub Sandwhich's

Needing funds to start my restaurant that will be beneficial to AZ with bringing a chicago style vibe and taste.

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My business name is A.J's Wings & Sub Sandwhich's, this is going to be a restaurant that will be a little different from most fast food places, when I moved here it was hard to find good food coming from chicago. I love to cook so probably every month or two I would feature a new item only for a limited time to keep my customers engaged on different ideas that can help drive the business, I want to meet the demand of my customers and to succeed in a different way. It will be a safe and fun environment, kid friendly, and a happy place to come work, and relax, and eat and enjoy yourself. I am from chicago and reside in AZ, I would like to broaden AZ horizons and bring something different to the city that people will love. This opportunity would allow me to take the next step in my journey, with my LLC already establish the next thing is getting my location and things started. Thanks so much for letting me share my plans and goals for my business for this amazing opportunity. 

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