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Slowly losing hope to get this app funded before its too late. Please give me a chance. I'm begging you..

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So this is an idea that I had about a year ago and didn't think much of it until I contacted a patent team and they became very interested in the potential this has to be a big thing. It's an app aimed at making your grocery shopping trip more fun and efficient. It would help people in new cities or even the same city you've lived for a while but just decided to stop by a new store. My patent team has done a collegiate leveled study done detailing 32 points of interest from overall income opportunity, longevity, feasibility, all the way up to community impact and on. All I need is someone to believe in me and give this a shot. I need 60-75k to get this off the ground floor and moving and it only has a turnaround time of 2 years until it's at the point to generate incredible amounts of profit. Potential stakes in the company are up for discussion depending on investment amount and desire to be a part of things to the very end. Unfortunately with how things have been going, if i cant convince at least one person to help me out im going to have to remove my listing. I cant afford the extra $300 a month if its not even helping me at hopefully someone will want to give this a chance and help me out here. Or this is just another dream that is going to die out without being able to see what could have been...don't hesitate to contact me. I check for messages daily. Thanks for your time, hope to speak soon.

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