Smart Hyperstrike Sustainable Sneaker Manufacturer ‘AIRCAPTURE’ Startup Seeks Funding

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Aircapture is a fully integrated hyperstrike sneaker manufacturing service based in the United States and exclusively in Arizona. The platform tool has strong opportunities to begin the process of significantly reducing the carbon footprint and landfill waste. Carbon reduction is an outlined challenge to many footwear brands where purposed action steps are applied to develop a process to achieve a percentage of reduction in the carbon emissions—Including developing a domestic production that is accessible to the creative community specifically in the area of the footwear Industry. 
AIRCAPTURE advanced speed to market platform supports creative individuals as an entry point for starting a career in Industrial Design with a interest in the footwear market that is over a $250 Billion and climbing industry. AIRCAPTURE makes improvement of the barrier-to-entry in footwear and manufacturing for students and creators, where the productivity pain points often challenge production time speed, lack of individualism, and accessibility. 
We are currently in collaboration with 3D/4D additive labs in the Arizona communities, Higher Learning Institutions, with state support, to secure long-term waste contracts, with big footwear brand endorsement and partnership. 
This is an opportune time to initiate a new sneaker manufacturer and process that incites to be part of the new waste conversion. Footwear is ditching the traditional manufacturing standards and acquiring 3D printing technology to mitigate errors and develop faster processes to keep up with demands and the changing demographics patterns. We find capital gain in the footwear inefficiencies of big brands over powering prominence of saturating the market and their throw away of 300 million pairs of shoes each year. The primary bench mark is the 7.5 million pairs of shoes distributed every year whereas the benefit is the need for a universal pairing system to keep sustainably at the center.

We need $500k seed funding for the two-year design-build phase of our project. We also need a partner to fulfill a 25% financing goal so long-term financing can come on board. 
Our fully integrated platform will be open to receiving subscribers in the beginning of August 2021.
We are also starting to explore the vast opportunities for our technology with Massachusetts Institute of Technology through their research Self Assembly Lab.

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