Best Life Investments

Raising 50k to cover marketing for my real estate wholesale business in the Las Vegas market

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Best Life Investments is a new wholesale business. Wholesaling is just the start to get myself into the real estate industry for future wealth, to invest in buy and holds, fix and flips etc. Funding received will go towards a  100% Done For me
MOTIVATED SELLER Lead Generation company called Amplify my Business plan to pay 7500 yearly cost which will be going toward the ampifly marketing company to manage leads for me and the rest will cover media cost for year. 100 dollars a day for 30 days is 3000 dollars. 3000 a month for 12 months is 36,000 dollars in media cost. Total of 43,500  Upon paying the yearly instead of month to month they offer guaranteed full suite of marketing services until I generate at least 50,000 in revenue before I pay anything additional  in marketing cost

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