Raising $1000000 to complete the development and market an adaptive social Learning Management System (LMS) APP

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 Analytiks is an adaptive social Learning Management System (LMS). It is designed with  Proprietary artificial intelligence software to assist medical and allied health students  prepare for their boards, access to affordable textbooks, and employment using one medium.   
It provides feedback on how the student is doing in absolute terms and versus other students  across various university studying the same material. It enables students to share materials and form study groups in similar areas of study. 

Customer Value Proposition:

Analytiks offers health care professionals superior value: 

  1. Fee: Analytiks is supported by a low-cost subscription fee. 
  2. Affordable Materials: The student can purchase access, for a given time, at a very competitive cost.
  3. Everywhere: Analytiks is available everywhere as it has personal computer, tablet, and mobile phone user interface.
  4. Efficient: Analytiks’ artificial intelligence continually recommends the material the student will get the most value from. It also tests more frequently in weak areas.
  5. Nothing Missed: Analytiks’ artificial intelligence keeps track of what has been learned and what is missing and ensures an entire topic is reviewed.
  6. Social Learning: Analytiks is a social learning system that keeps students in contact with each other and can group students by strengths and weaknesses.
  7. Job Hunt while Preparing: Analytiks displays banner advertisements for open positions. The student only gets ads for positions they qualify for. 

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