Raising $5M for first to market COVID and Biotech Company

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I am the founder and CEO of AFT BIO, which sells COVID return to work and pandemic preparedness plans to in-house legal departments and other industries. AFT Bio also is currently working on obtaining a 30 second COVID test to bring to market. Finally, we are actively pursuing the acquisition of a controlling stake in a number of pharma and digital therapeutic companies. 

The funding will be used for human capital, legal and marketing costs.  We are willing to consider a number of equity, debt equity and/or mezzanine loan options.  

Additionally, the first acquisition we are aiming to make is a small acquisition of a digital therapeutic company, which is a growing industry with significant potential. The first investment is expected to make more than $1.2B.  We are looking for a partner on this investment who would be willing to come in with a $50M-$160M investment.  We were hoping to do so soon because we believe other companies in the neuro space may be looking to target the company as well.   
The Company, which has been around for 12 years and is generating revenue, has a commercial application but also has a neurologic genetic test in Phase 4, which just needs to go through replication in order to be submitted to market.  The product would directly compete with Myriad Genetics’s Genosight and given its clinical trial stage will likely gain approval from the FDA, which is something that Myriad has not been able to gain with Genosight.  The Company did conduct early valuation of the test that determined that the test had a $75M valuation.  However, given its competitive advantage over Myriad’s Genosight, we believe the test valuation is between $500M and $1B.  
Finally, the Company has to date not concentrated on what is likely its most valuable asset which is the digital therapeutic.   Through a myriad of digitally administered neurological tests,  the therapeutic aspect of the Company has the ability to assist doctors caring for patients suffering from a neurological condition to the best treatment plan and drug to address their condition.  Indeed, there is such a trial using this therapeutic that is currently occurring at a major Boston hospital.

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