African Diaspora Chamber of Commerce

A Continental Approach to Global Education

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As part of the COVID-19 safety measures, learning activities around the world were placed on an enforced lockdown. School administrators, teachers and students never anticipated the length of the pandemic so institutions were locked down for months. This prompted educators and students to seek alternate learning platforms, particularly e-learning options. After a year of educating the youth in this fashion, educators now believe COVID-19 shifted the mode of education. 

The pandemic left an indelible mark in the collective education sector and organizations such as the African Diaspora Chamber of Commerce (ADCC), headquartered in Southfield, Michigan, USA, intend to respond and ensure ongoing improvement in the education sector.

With 21-to-49-year-old business professionals as its principal audience, ADCC formulated its effort through two broad strokes. The first was selecting Adobe Captivate Prime as its learning management system (LMS) to deliver education programs across continents.

The second was a contractual agreement between ADCC and the National Cooperative Financing Agency of Nigeria (CFAN) to promote formal and non-formal education programs, as well as technical and vocational skill development, to its 5.2-million-person membership.  

To launch the partnership, ADCC, CFAN and the United Nations will sponsor events in July and November 2021 where ADCC’s e-learning platform will be demonstrated to the CFAN membership. As its part of the agreement, CFAN committed to providing 100,000 initial users from its broad membership base. Financially, the cost to access the ADCC e-learning platform for each CFAN member is $20/yr. with 75% of revenue earmarked to ADCC.

As seed funding, ADCC seeks $500,000 with a negotiated equity share from the annual program revenue available to the successful investor. A detailed business plan and marketing strategy is available to provide additional program details and background information. 

Adobe Captivate Prime - Customer Success Case Study


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