African Business Enablers, LLC

Raising $500k as pre-seed and seed capital for high yield African SME's and startups.

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African Business Enablers is a limited liability consulting group that helps American investors access high yield projects in the Sub Saharan African market.  Our clients are small and medium sized enterprises looking for capital to scale. 

We are country and sector agnostic and focus our efforts exclusively on good management, social impact, and the potential for high returns to our investors. 

Our business model relies on a network of experts and consultants that we retain for predetermined tasks. This outcome-based model gives us access to the highest quality of service on a shoestring budget. It also ensures that we bring our investors bankable projects with the highest return on their investment. 

Our portfolio currently consists of a textile factory in Lesotho seeking debt/equity for $6m, a Nigerian fund management and investment advisory business that is expected to generate a conservative net profit of about $45 million over a seven-year period, a small scale poultry producer in South Africa that is trying to scale and corner a market that spans Botswana, Zimbabwe and Lesotho, a renewable energy producer looking to fulfill Millennium Challenge contracts in Benin and Ghana, among others.

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