Aerial Gymnastics Club

Gymnastics Facility Expanding To A Second And Third Location In Southern California

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Aerial Gymnastics club in Torrance, Ca. with 750 students monthly @$175 with approximately 1000 on the waiting list. Set in a fully air conditioned 8000’ retail location with tens of thousands of cars passing weekly unlike the typical traditional low traffic no air conditioning warehouse locations you will find for many gyms. Every month often has a theme to it where children take part in that theme, Mother’s Day mothers get roses, Father’s Day fathers get chocolate chip cookies. There are of course the major holidays like Easter, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas where the gym is decked out in the holidays displays for celebration and photo opportunities. We never forget of course Veterans Day, MLK , Valentine’s etc. Our summer camps are the talk of the town with Chick-Fil-A Tuesdays and water day Fridays with KONA SHAVED ICE truck. Children 3-18 can take once weekly recreational gymnastics or ninja classes. Elite children that stand out in those recreational classes are invited to participate on the Aerial Gymnastics Team. This requires increasing training time to learn the required skill sets for the four events and taking part in local, state, and regional competitions. We also have birthday party packages, weeklong summer camps, mommy and me classes, private lessons and more. We are looking to expand to another facility within a 5–10-mile range to reduce the waitlisted members. Our current facility cannot handle additional classes due to parking restrictions. Our approximately 100 classes have a 3% vacancy compared to our local competition 1 mile away with 40 to 60% vacancies in recreational classes. Ultimately our goal is to expand to 4-6 locations throughout Southern California and potentially franchise our unique system that differentiates us from your typical toxic “gymnastics only” environment which is the vast majority of our competition. My goal is to have a minimum of one more location before the 2024 Olympics and two more locations before the 2028 Olympics, which will be in Los Angeles. Typically, around the Olympic years there is a surge of registrations. Unfortunately, right now we are not able to capitalize on this coming surge.

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