EV Charger Smart-Up IoT Toolkit for Aggregating Platform

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AeonCharge by Laegacy Inc. : a platform to aggregate EV chargers, paired with our proprietary smart-up technology, to streamline the charging experience for everyone

Our Team
Dwi Sutandar, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), has three years of experience as the technical director for Solar Chapter, a world-bank affiliated  non-profit organization, and two years of industry experience as a technical advisor for a solar energy company.

Lin Sun Fa, Chief Operating Officer (COO), has one year experience as the board member and a Chief Operating Officer in an international non-profit organization, and two years of experience as a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) practitioner.

Christopher Jing, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), has two years of finance and business strategy experience at Microsoft and Accenture, and a year of international business development experience in a technology startup in Asia.

Johanna Sixl, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), has industry experiences across Europe and United States. She has worked in marketing at Shell and most recently did business development at Tesla with a focus on their charging network. 

Two fundamental issues with the current public EV charging network are coverage gaps in smaller cities and the lack of a universal platform to access public EV chargers on. Currently, there are more than 20 EV charging companies in the United States which forces EV owners to download multiple apps to charge. In addition, there are inummerable unstandardized individually-owned EV chargers. Furthermore, EV owners often face issues with broken chargers and EV chargers being occupied by gasoline vehicles due to the lack of management tools for site hosts. 

Our team is offering an aggregating platform paired with our propietary smart up technology to provide a robust and accessible charging network for EV owners. Smart up technology will facilitate the upgrade of regular chargers, of any brands or model, to be integrated within our platform. For site hosts, the smart up technology will streamline the management of their chargers.

Market Size
With twelve states of Midwest as our initial market, the estimated addresable market is $174 million in 2021.Upon expansion, our total serviceable market in the United States is $460 million dollars in 2021 and will grow to $1,22B in 2025.   

Three distinct competitor categories: public EV charging networks (ChargePoint, Blink, Webasto, and others), peer-to-peer (P2P) EV charging networks (EVMatch and AmpUp), and EV charging databases (PlugShare and ChargeHub). Our team differentiates ourselves by offering the convenience of a broad EV charging offering within a single app. This is then paired with our proprietary smart up technology, to allow access of chargers from multiple providers, including individually-owned EV chargers .

Business Model
There are three revenue pipelines: a freemium model for EV owners, a revenue share per transaction with site hosts, and a subscription fee for site hosts. For the premium EV owners, our team is offering perks to EV owners such unlimited charging and promotional offers. The site hosts will split their revenues with us which ensures the same pricing across our platform. Lastly, site hosts are given the option to share promotions to attract more EV owners with a monthly advertising plan.   

Marketing Strategy
Our primary marketing strategy is a social media campaign to generate organic users, in conjunction with direct outreach to EV owners who our team met during EV community events. Our team is partnering with local businesses such as game tickets holders, restaurants, and hotels to increase the awareness of our offering for long-range EV travellers and further expand our potential users/site hosts pool through referral programs. The current customer acquisition cost is $4.12/user with an expected lifetime value of $15,600/user.   

Our team has been able to secure funding from angel investors and a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) with a total amount of $426,970. In addition, our team has partnered with EnelX and Monnit for technology and APIs partnerships and has 170+ lined up potential users with 41% month-over-month (MoM) growth for our upcoming launch in mid-March 2021. 

Future Milestones
Our immediate milestone is a soft launch of our mobile apps in mid-March 2021 in 6 counties in Indiana: Tippecanoe, Montgomery, Clinton, Boone, Hendricks, and Marion. Our platform will be paired with our rudimentary IoT device to perform basic smart functions.The main purpose of the soft launch is to get feedback regarding our platform to fix any issues or improve any functionalities of our platform. In August 2021, our team will deploy full-functioning smart up device with proper certification to assist us in expanding our service area to the whole Midwest, starting with 3 neighboring states. Our team is raising our series A funding in the first quarter of 2022 to allow for a national scale expansion.     

Contact Person
Dwi Sutandar (CEO)
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (260)704-2938

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