Aeolus Air Devices- Airfield Unit

Funding to bring prototypes for our patented and trademarked pathogen barrier, the "Airfield Unit", funding for two additional patents under review. CEO funding.

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I Invented and patented the "Airfield Unit", a pathogen barrier device, U.S. Pat.#11,788,747, to stop transmission of pathogens from people speaking face to face in close proximity, such as at point of sale counters, and service reception counters, by producing a laminar flow of purified air, from our patented device. Patented to be installed beneath countertops and tabletops, within furniture and other inconspicuous interfaces; such as desks, tables, podiums, providing the Air Barrier pathogen shielding between people inconspicuously. Easily installed to provide employee shielding protection, from the customers they serve breath bio hazards , while also being used to supplement air purification, in enclosed environments such as medical waiting rooms,  Government workplace environments such as the DMV, and medical waiting rooms as well as greeting and reception points. Aeolus Air Devices, my LLC company funded the "Airfield Unit" patent. We have 2 continuance patents under review, international patent application for U.S. and Mexico in progress, and also our trademark application has been accepted. I have depleted my financial avenues with gracious family and friends, and remortgaging of the house and seek development money to bring our current prototypes to  manufacturing stage. 
     The principles of our "Airfield Unit" was proven as a medical device when built into a patient bed in hospitals as a barrier between patients.  We have built a device that can be installed into furniture or counters that already exist and also our own interface product lines under development. Concepts beyond countertop point of sales pathogen protection, but also product lines such as; " The Airfield".....; convalescent home visiting table, portable podiums for restaurant or hotel concierge, waiting room magazine tables, HVAC supplementation of purified air, "fresh Air", through drop ceiling mount versatility or reception desks, on and on.

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