Advanced Genomics Research Inc

Raising $5M for the next phases of growth in $1M phases over the next 5 years.

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We are a functional medicine clinic with a passionate focus on diagnostics which is aligned with our clinical protocols for intervention. We also have 3 retail clinics running in Southern California .

We have a main clinic where our MD and NP conduct consultations, diagnostics prescriptions, clinical biomarker recommendations for lifestyle changes that include supplements, prescriptions and IV Therapy from our IV Lounge.

Our focus is on Anti-Aging - DNA predispositions, Biological Age considerations, clinical biomarkers monitoring to ensure efficacy of interventions. Our retail model works as our customer recruiting gateway

We have partnered with the top leading edge diagnostics companies, USA made supplement companies, and very innovative in house diagnostics. 

Our principal demographic are women above 45 to 65 years old - Hispanic and white. We have close to about 7000 customers  regular customers with monthly visits of about 300 customers a month.

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