Monarch Brewing Company

Raising 300k for 20% of brewery ownership

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Monarch Brewing Company is a new brewery built by 2 experienced brewers with a great set of consultants with plans to build on Main Street in a historic, rivitilizing town . Our business will revolve around food and beer, with great attention to elevated service and building community around our brand. Our target market is the 21-60 year old crowd who enjoy good food, good beer and a nice space to spend time engaging with friends, family and the community. Our current focus is the 5 mile radius with a current craft beer market share of around 1000 barrels a year, of which we are planning 400 barrels in the first year. Currently we have the business structure set up, trademarks pending, negotiating a lease agreement and a team in place to build out. In our first year we plan to produce about 400 barrels a year and double in output for the first 3 years. We have the experience to run the operation within ownership while hiring some cooks and service staff. We believe our efforts in providing quality, service, marketing and events for the community will help us grow to our capacity of 3000 barrels a year in 5 years. We're seeking 300,000 for 20% of the business.

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