500K for a 3x Multiple - One of a kind Tool Holster

The only activated/reactionary tool holster in the world that solves the annoying problematic swing of the hammer striking a person's legs as they walk.

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The Investment:
Established IP protected tool product.  
Seeking $500,000 for a 3x multiple.
Per unit cost will be $49.95 (price could be set as high as $69.95 but would rather sell more volume)
Apart from the manufacturing cost of $10 per unit, the balance of $40 will be split equally, 50/50 with investor until they receive $1.5 million. Which will fulfill agreement at the 75k units sold, in a market of over 5 million tradesmen who use this product. We expect to sell 50k units in the first 12 months of production and expect increased sales the following 12 months.

The tool is fully protected with a strong U.S patent.
The product is a Tool Holster, a holster which solves a problem.

With current, traditional holsters on the market - they allow elongated tools like the hammer to swing uncontrollably, hitting and striking the persons legs as they walk. This new product prevents that from happening. 

There have been attempts to solve the problem, but no one has truly been successful. It's important to note - this product does not deviate or take away anything from what exist today but only enhances it. The tool holster could be used where most prefer to use it, on the back of a tool belt.
It is very durable, I currently have a 3D prototype which has been used on jobsites for months, with no issues. The final product will be almost indestructible and could be made with any colors in mind. They have been made in colors - grey, black and white.
The holster is adjustable as well, for desired preference, depending on how and where the person chooses to place it on their toolbelt. The toolbelt will slip behind a piece of leather attached to the backside of the tool holster.
These will be made in central Texas for $10 a unit and sold for $49.95 per unit.
The U.S market for this is about 5 million, which is a very conservative number.
Those who carry hammers in the trades are - carpenters, laborers, masons, sheet metal workers and some electricians. There are also those who work the trades on weekends. 
Something I can tell you about tools and construction workers is that construction workers look at new tools/new technology the way kids look at toys - we love them. It's always been that way and will continue to be that way. 
I have personally invested about $50,000 into this product, including countless hours. Dedicated and forfeited a full year of employment in order to advance and to arrive at this point.

Allocation of funds:
Construction of 3 injection molds (have located & met reputable mold manufacturer), steel casting/investment casting (for 1 pc), 3 pneumatic rivet presses, tooling for the 3 pneumatic presses. 
Purchases of semi-tubular steel rivets, leathers, cooper rivets, injection mold pieces, fund initial production run, shop lease, along with payroll for 3 employees. 
After first production run plans are in place to canvas the country form boarder to boarder and shore to shore, stopping at all major construction Trade schools in all major cities to promote, advertise and display the Tool Holster. 

As for my background, I have been in construction all my life and I love it. Having been in the trades for some time, I have advantages with promoting and advancing the product. There are several plans and ways to attract and promote the product with free to minimal monetary investments. Manufacturing and sales of this product will be my full-time job. 
In conclusion, this is the only activated/reactionary tool holster in the world that solves a problem.

Look forward to hearing from you. 


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