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I am raising capital to fund new construction of purchasing the land to develop around 300 duplexes and triplexes in a requested area of the Midwest that will be offering real estate tax writeoffs to boost our bottom line. The area is over 1000 household residences behind where they need to be for economic growth for local businesses and corporations! I have connections with builders around the country. The money will be used for a website development for inventors to tract the progress, land acquisition, construction and management of the rental units. 

I am in negotiations with the state and city regarding this opportunity. I have been affiliated with real estate since 1989. I have much wisdom in this area!

I look forward to working with you! I have other cities that are looking to do similar construction for college students to small working families!

I am also looking for the complete acquisition of REO's by working exclusively with a proven expert in that field. Once properties are renovated, I will list the properties with the assistance of thev REO expert's sister.  All acquisition s in the Des Moines area will get free staging by the listing, who is also a full partner in the staging company. 

I also have a broker/builder in Indianapolis, Indiana that I would love to do two deals a month with him. The buy in would be about 1 Million per month. He turns a $500,000 investment into a net of $100,000 after factoring in carrying the cost of money and completing the renovation in under 90 days. His goal is 6-9,weeks! He has it down to a science and a proven track record!

I have relationships with contractors and reators all over the country. I realize that I am asking for your trust and all the monetary parts of the deals, starting with Earnest money and closing costs, rehab budget for contractoral payment and for subcontractors.

I will manage the contractors and the city instectors which also require draws for city permits and inspections.

I am willing to work at creative financing  to cut the lender receiving your interest rate as a deffered payment in exchange of also a negotiated part of the profits?

I have 2 Acreages that I would like to develop at a cost of around $5 Million. Amazon has just built a new distribution center nearby and is adding 1000 jobs to the area and is in need of EXECUTIVE Suites.

I am open to jumping on a phone call or a Zoom call? This is my opportunity to leave a legacy for my children and grandchildren!

Judge me by my character and the lien position you will hold on these under valued equity possession propertities!

I look forward to sharing my vision with you!

Sincerely, Daniel Dillie Text: 563-505-1300 
[email protected] 

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