A to Z Pediatric Therapy Solutions

Pediatric special needs therapy such as occupational, speech, behavioral service in a one stop location.

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This is a medical practice for pediatric therapy services such as occupational, speech and behavioral therapies. There are very limited services available in this area of Florida and the goal is to provide timely services. Most areas that are a single service have up to 12 month waiting lists and that is detrimental to developing children with such diagnoses as autism and the such. There is plans to rapidly expand the concept to at least 4 separate locations within Florida with the same developmental concept rapidly after this first location. Currently, I have all equipment and many employees waiting in the wings for the doors to open. LLC, tax id, NPI numbers have been received and ready to go. I projected approximately $250,000 to $300,000 additional funds to carry forward payroll and beginning opening expenses for security for such things as: Medicaid and Commercial Insurances contracts to be executed since those items can take up to 45 days to be approved once doors are open, payroll and any other unforeseen expenses. Since most of the supplies and technology are ready to go, we are in a position to open immediately. As soon as protocols are tried and tested, plans are to expand the branding of the concept and expand at least one location every six months. I have been in contact with many underserved areas that are quickly growing with younger residents that are going to need these services in a reasonable location. I have also been aproached by primary providers to also include other therapy service such as physical therapy into my plans. I am open to many different possibilities for the funding and terms and would love to work with anyone that can assist on getting the final step up and running.

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