Already $3.5k in liquidity and will be listed on small DEX’s soon find $SWEN at pump.fun this is a community project to help introduce those into the crypto world

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This is for straight investing. Building up liquidity, that will then be leveraged and staked to give “dollar” value. Once “face value” is established, you will receive market value established in currency. This project is looking for someone who is eager about cryptocurrency and willing to join the cause to:

*tokens are minted and original art nft is minted and locked away in token ecosystem dao (creed) 

-Help inform people about scams, especially on our platform. This hurt communities and projects!

-Potential for a whole world and lore (already being wrote) 

-future nft projects and bridge capabilities to multiple networks using a solana base for low gas fees.

-We are in no rush. We have been following crypto for quite a few years and have seen many of these projects over hype and fall through, under hype and no one has a clue. We are wanting to help not just our investors make money nor “whales” but the average investor to your working class. They call it dumb money and they never inform enough, THIS is where WE change the game!

-liquidity will be lock with a community chosen delegation of the communities vote. We are actively working on social media as we speak to build community.

-the crypto scammers have scammed over 1 billion dollars since 2021 from unknowing victims. We want to employ help for new investors. We want to employ “scam alerters”. If we could help just even a fraction gain the trust of these new investors they won’t only want to invest them selves but trusted by others to invest, sky is the limit….

If we can get the backed liquidity as a contracted investment with proof of transaction staked towards value this is for you. It is a risk to take and we are going to continue because like it or not but crypto is here as long as we have internet and hardware access. Also seeing crypto is universally world wide in many locations, sky is the limit…..

*interested parties message through AFF website through the messing system on this website. There are more scams out here then we want to have any dealing with. More information will be added as we continue to build, grow, learn and watch. We are motivated and can’t be stopped.

Find more information on twitter.com/@WenShadowSol

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