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A Better Life for All Technologies will change the way that water is conserved with its Patented water saving device and method which saves billions of gallons of water without inc

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A Better Life for All Technologies will change the way that water is conserved with its Patented water saving device and method which saves billions of gallons of water without inconveniencing the users of the water. Based in Mclean, VA we hope to employee 25 persons in the first years after funding in the Washington DC area and give a percentage of the water we save to the poorest people in countries that do not have clean drinking water. 

A Better Life for All Technology,                                                                                          1347 Kirby Road,  Mclean,                                                                                                                      VA  22101
Dear Investor:
Our mission at A Better Life for All Technology is change the way that water is conserved, to save billions and billions of gallons of potable water and make Millions for the company and my partners/investors in the process while doing good for all.
We believe a Royalty position in the TX Water Beatle will likely outperform Waze  and may have as many as 127,000,000 residential  subscribers in the US alone, Waze has 30,000.000.   
For comparisons sake, let  me tell you a little about the great success of Waze:  Uri Levine founder of Waze , a crowd sourced navigation app for your cell phone,  (you may have the free app on your cell phone), borrowed and spent around $250,000,000 developing and giving away his Free app before making any money.  He only became profitable when Google bought WAZE for $1,100,000,000 (1.1 Billion dollars).  At the time his product had 5 million subscribers. Now there are 30 million subscribers and Levine says Waze may now be worth $10,000,000,000 (10 Billion dollars).

If I could show you a device that will be far more profitable than Waze ( potentially 127,000,000 residential  subscribers in the US alone) do you or someone you might know have 3 -30K to invest?  Your investment is likely to make you wealthy and will make the world a better place.  If you do the math you will see just how wealthy.
The best part, unlike Waze which is free and did not generate any income for 10 years before making a profit.  We will be profitable early on, our subscribers have to purchase the TX water conservation device up front before subscribing.  Therefore we will be profitable in the beginning from the sales and advance sales of the product costing approximately $99.00 per unit Plus annual subscriptions.   I currently have an appointment with a major California water utility to discuss an advance purchase.  We have established communications  with 22 other water utilities in western states with water shortage problems about advance purchases. 

The TX Water Beatle is in its 6th iteration and has gone from a brick size device that resembled a bomb, down to a phone charger sized device.  It functions to let consumers know when their most wasteful water fixture is wasting water by communicating with ABLA's website and being notified on the IPhone or Android of the problem.  This is the perfect investment: an" invention that people need, but do not know that they need", as  Bill Gross founder of 7 multi-billion dollar start-ups says in essential to success of a new innovation.  However, everyone we have told about the product has a story about the time that they or someone they knew got the $1,000 water bill from a malfunctioning fixture and the water utility made them pay it because "they used it". Testimonials from these people will sell the device.

The TX Water Beetle is registered with  the USPTO  and is Patent Pending. The full Patent Utility is in process and due in a couple of weeks.
The marketing plan is to sell 15% of the Royalty of the device for $450,000 (1% for $30,000) to complete the development, the utility and scaling of the device production.   At  same time we will be taking advance orders from water short state utilities as well as internet sales.   As an incentive, Advance purchasers will receive new iterations free for a three year period as the product scales and is improved. 
We plan to work with the Water Utilities to send a percentage of the water we save to countries that do not have a good supply of clean potable water such as Columbia.  Columbia sends their products here in full containers and went those containers are to return empty, we hope to have them full of clean potable water, if the shippers and water utilities work with us this will do a lot of good.  According to the World Health Organization" 785 million people lack even a basic drinking water system".
After the initial period our plan is to take the company public IPO and convert the Royalty stakes into equity at the appropriate time. This is where you as an early investor becomes wealthy.

We also intend to utilize my legislative success with the US Congress to attempt to make the device a requirement of the building code and reach out to European markets .
A word about my Energy past success: I received an Association of Energy Engineer International Award for getting 33 pages of good energy efficient legislation into the National Energy Policy Act "Pro Bono".  To read more about my work on the EPact go to www.capitolhilloffices.com.
The market of subscribers will be tremendous, perhaps 250,000,000 strong and each will pay a small monthly subscription fee in addition to the cost of the device.  A Better Life for All Tech will provide all kind of good proven content free to our subscribers as value added, it will truly be a better life for all.

This is an opportunity that you should not miss, I know a U.S. Trustee (colleague) here in Alexandria who was in Israel on a visit and had an offer to invest in Waze as a start up, Jack says he kicks himself everyday for not investing.  If you are ready to invest ask for an invitation to Purchase Royalty in the Water Beatle. I promise you will not regret investment and I will be working tirelessly to see that you don't.  Please contact me if you are interested in an invitation to invest in the Royalty of this device.

Respectfully submitted for your review,
Dan R. Williams, CEO / Founder 
A Better Life for All Technology,                Inc.      a Delaware Corporation,     1347 Kirby Road, Mclean, VA 22101 202-210-4566  Fax 202-546-4566  Email: 
[email protected]   url:  www.capitolhilloffices.com

Dan Williams Lic. VA, MD and DC
1347 Kirby Rd. 
 McLean, VA 22101
Cell (202) 210-4566
Fax (202) 546-4551
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