America's Marijuana Farmers Market (AMFM)

Raising 3 Million for hiring, faster development and lower 48 expansion

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E-commerce cannabis platform to compete with Leaflink and eventually Weedmaps. The first release will go live in June 2021. We are looking for investors for faster expansion.  Starting in Alaska where I worked as a manager in a dispensary for several months during covid before leaving to start this project. First month is expected to only be in Alaska, then expansion to lower 48. Currently we have identified 25,000 potential clients with most of their contact information ready for the sales team. Current pricing ranges from $49.99 monthly as the basic cost all the way to a maximum of just over $1000 if they use all the features. This creates a monthly revenue just over 7.5 Million assuming the median of $300 per customer. The next phase is expected to happen 6 months after launch when we release the consumer side of the platform that will connect the massive inventory platform we've created to the public for easy ordering, which will more than double our monthly income over the following 12 months to over 20 Million in monthly subscriptions. All of these time projections are based on NOT receiving any investor help. So far we have spent upwards of 6 figures on this project and do not require funding for our vision.  However, we also realize that with the help of additional funding we could truncate these timelines and increase our income by jumping into more markets that aren't fully established by the competition. 

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