4Keeps Roses Inc

Raising $500,000 for inventory in order to support the business growth.

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4Keeps Roses® are vibrant, real scented roses in a variety of colors that (without sunlight or water) will last up to 2 years as beautiful as the day it was purchased - it vastly improves upon what the world has long come to know as “the perfect gift for any occasion”. 

We created 4Keeps Roses® to elevate a gifted rose from a mere short-lived flower to a beautiful, luxurious, long lasting remembrance.  Truly a gift that can be cherished all year long, while seeing it creates a living memory of that special moment - every single day; much like that certain song reminds us of a special occasion.
Launched in 2019 (and notwithstanding the pandemic) 4Keeps Roses® started with a “test-and-grow” strategy in cooperation with our partners at the renowned convenience chain, 7-Eleven Nationwide (now at 5000+ Stores). 
During that period of time, emphasizing "brick-and-mortar" retail for better study control, we validated all aspects of our business model from supply chain (and back-up plans), to packaging, delivery, merchandising and marketing, as well as “per store” and “recurring seasonal” organic increased demand expectations (e.g., Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Graduation and Holiday seasons, etc.).
Over that time, we have achieved well in excess of $1,000,000.00 in sales with a respectable margin, while adding a growing network of well-known retailers such as Cenex Zip Trip (35+ Stores); Cefco (50+ Stores); Goose Creek (27+ Stores); Rite Aid Nationwide (2500+ Stores – recently added); Circle K Southeast and Circle K South Atlantic (each recently approved, but no shipping yet).

We are seeking investment to fund growth and increased sales through advanced inventory acquisition (we know the product sells – the more we ship the more we make), as well as added support and merchandising staff, professional staff (as needed), expand facilities to realize better economies of scale, and to selectively expand both “brick-and-mortar” and online sales and marketing. 

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