3DME Is a 3D Studio and Mobile Unit. That creates lifelike figurines of people.

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3d miniature figurines of people. The ultimate selfie. Set up in tourist area, local youth athletics, comic cons, weddings, large business events, etc.. 
The idea is to create a studio in high traffic tourist area of Historic  Amelia island, Florida. In the selfie age we live in we would bring this new 3d printing technology of miniature lifelike figurines of individuals or groups of people. In the tourist area we would be able to attract people trying to capture the memory in a one of a kind 3d printing of there time visiting the island.. The add on with bases where they can place names, dates , places , etc..  is a just start to the great add ons we can apply to there 3d memory.  The tourist aspect and high traffic street is just a start. We would have a mobile unit that would do school athletics, little leagues, pop warner, ymca athletics, etc.. Imagine instead of getting your child on a baseball card in there adorable uniform holding the bat looking like there about to swing away.. you could do the same pose and get a 3d figurine and add a base that would have there name , date, team, year etc.. NOW PUT THAT ON YOUR MANTLE!! Imagine wedding events everyone getting to get there 3D figurines or bride and groom getting a wedding topper of themselves on there cake.. Corporate events... Comic cons... Wedding shows... county fairs.... This is a Market that has not been tapped in the United States.. This technology does exist and these types of business do exist but are very, very, few.. It is very new and is at the beginning of the 3d printing revolution.. I am looking to apply this funding to the equipment costs, A Studio scanner, Mobile scanner,  Studio Lease,  Cloud space, software, mobile unit trailer with a marketing wrap, payroll, and advertising.  Most of the marketing and advertising will be thru social media, and of course word of mouth.. with the 3d printing purchase we will send them there 3d scan to there social media account so they can post and share .. This will be our biggest advertising.. 

Little about me.. I have been in retail management for 26 years.. I was store manager at Walmart and have been a store manager at Bed Bath and Beyond.. I am married with children.. I love family and believe that they matter the most.. I would like to break away from the walls of retail and build something.  I stumbled upon this business model several years ago on a vacation to key west.. I have never been able to shake the passion for this business model and technology.. i was amazed when I saw it and purchased a figurine of my wife and myself.  I told myself I would wait for the right time.  I don't know when the right time will every be.. if not now. It was probably the right time 3 years ago when I walked into the 3d store and discussed letting me franchise his business... Since then as I have researched this further to find the best equipment  and streamlined process.. I am sure I have found what will assist in creating this turn key business.. I would start in Amelia island but we would not stop there.. If we gain the traction and client base I believe we will.. I want to grow this in St. Augustine, Fl. and Jacksonville , Fl.  Amelia is the immediate goal with the other two cities being in the 5 year goal of this business..  With the right investor , Marketing, and Networking this will be HUGE!!   I am anxious to get this off the ground.. 

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