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Seeking $50k to $300k for a 2% to 10% equity stake. Funds are needed to raise brand awareness and employ labor.

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 Gwop App

About Gwop

The Gwop financial app is a platform built to help the individual maximize income, through services ranging from job-matching, investing, and payment services.

Services offered

Quantitative Investing

Helping individual investors manage risk and invest in the stock market with the help of computational tools(agent-based financial models, predictive algorithms, and data analytics) built upon effective risk management and value investing principles.

Money Transfer

A secure global payment service, that helps individuals, and businesses request, and make payments.

On-demand Jobs

Just like tinder but for jobs.  The  Gwop job-matching platform matches individuals to jobs/side gigs that meet their interests, skills, and convenience while offering individuals who need work done the most suitable candidates for the job.

Asset Management

Helping individuals take control of their finances by connecting them to vetted and experienced financial advisors/managers.


15+ employees,  6 members.

Current Position
Currently, at 250K+ downloads and 450+ daily active users across the mobile and web app, most of the downloads so far have been from the web app working to raise awareness for the mobile app.

Use Case for Requested Funds

Funds will be used for marketing to raise awareness for the mobile app and to employ labor. The goal is to have 1M+ downloads with at least 300k+ daily active users by January 2022, this will increase revenue by 70% and create the user base to lunch the Gwop online banking platform by Q3 of 2022.

Here is a great product looking for the right catalyst to catapult it to the next level to compete effectively, and we know there is a partnership out there with the right equation.

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