Raising $1M to grow a Pharmacy E-commerce Marketplace Platform for the Brazil/Latin America Market

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33 Farma is a Pharmacy E-commerce Marketplace Platform, with the following highlights
  1. over 120+ Stores in the City of Sao Paulo
  2. Over $150M Brazilian Reais in Inventory (Approx USD $30M)
  3. It has over 40K products that are catalogued, which customers can buy from.
  4. Customer get their order delivered in about an hour, 70% of the orders within 30 minutes
  5. The Pilot phase of the platform is complete, with major success
Pharmacy Market in Brazil:
  1. 95% of medication does not need prescriptions, only 5% of items do
  2. The Average margins on medications is 45%, with some item having as much as 200% and some about 10%
  3. Its a growing Industry in Brazil, with a CAGR of over 15%
  4.  The top 5 major players only contribute to 50% of the Industry revenue, There are thousands of mid size and small pharmacies which need a tech platform
  5. When we approached them 100 pharmacies signed up in less than 60 days
  6. The demand for a marketplace if urgent and strong
Our Business model:
  1. 33 Farma is like the Amazon of the pharmacy stores in Brazil, we sell what the pharmacies have, they hold the inventory
  2. We have the product delivered by 3 delivery partners
  3. We have not started charging a fee for sales or delivery yet because it's just been a year that we launched
  4. Our Revenue model is to increase orders per store with Marketing and then start charging 20% of each sale
  5. We also intend to generate revenue by marketing/advertising for specific pharma companies and labs on our platform
  6. We also intend to keep 5-7% of the product discounts to ourselves
  1. We have over 10K downloads and users, without much marketing or adv
  2. Our customers need speed or delivery
  3. Our customers are not very price sensitive, given that they need speed
  4. 60% of our customers are women 40% are men and spread across the 20 - 55 age group
  1. A very strong management team
  2. A superb technical team
  3. A great support team
  1. Our Mentors are from the Pharmacy retailing and wholesale business
  2. They have over 50 years of experience and have industry connections
The details attached in the slide deck

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