2BMotion Media Inc

The next level to create impressive 3d presentations and interactive applications for everyone.

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    We are a Canadian company. We have a small, close-knit experienced team of programmers, designers, and creatives.
    We have developed a program for creating presentations that are fundamentally different from all existing and using. It is a genuine PowerPoint alternative. We take a fundamentally different approach to visualizing information. That approach consists of placing slides in 3D space and visualizing information using 3D widgets and 3D objects by an animated 3d camera flying between slides. This principle is put away from the familiar flat image and gives presentations an impressive three-dimensional look and unique opportunities to present information.

    Interactive capabilities and original tools make it possible to create beautiful presentations and turn them into interactive applications without involving programmers. In addition, it is effortless to get a video clip with a voiceover and background music.
  The product is ready, and its desktop version has been repeatedly sold to corporate customers. Until last year, we carried out the development at our own expense, as we are a company that creates computer graphic content, films and interactive information applications for business. We have quite a lot of experience in creating such materials (over 15 years).

   To adapt our product for use as a SaaS, we rebuilt our system to work in a browser. For this, we attracted investments from a business angel (private person). At the moment, there is already a full working browser version of the program.
   We are currently working on the backend and website for service. We need investment to extend our team to implement all the necessary improvements to launch the service and promote it on the market and sell.
 Here's our temporary one-page website with case studies and a concise description:  https://www.2bmotion.com/
A new full-featured sales website is coming soon.

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