2800EntTheLabel Inc.

Raising 1M to get record label started

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2800EntTheLabel is an independent American Christian Record Label.   The money would help the business's whole start-up cost and get the building operational and everything else we need to start the record label with promo plans, manufacturing, studio equipment, and employees.  

2800EntTheLabel Inc. is an American independent record label specializing in Christian hip hop. The Label was Founded in 2021 by Jacari Brown stage name Caribaby. Being the only artist on the roster as of right now, the brand is working hand in hand to ensure they are providing excellent service for the artist to reach his full potential. The company has been operating for a year now, but we have yet got to be deep, so this year, we just got back into it and some of the problems. If you don't mind me telling you were a lot of spiritual battles last year. Which stops everything because when we are not in the will of God, everything he created stops. The company has not grown yet, but once we put our foot on the gas, we could have a huge year. The product line is being developed. We started making Merch for those who love the brand and the artist. The inspiration that influenced the creation of my startup is God. Without him, We would not even be able to do anything also, the thing that is happening on the day to day basis in my city or even around the world. 

Mission statement: Save Souls, Hit Goals, And Never Fold.

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